About J

I have been in software and web industry since 2003 and have experience and expertise in design and development of various enterprise level applications including business applications, online recruitment, and ecommerce applications, on all web, desktop, and server platforms. Currently running Ibexoft. I have done MS in Distributed Systems and did my MCS in Computer Networks with highest GPA of 3.85 and received an honor Magna Cum Laude and Gold Medal for best performance in academic calendar.

Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/mjawaids

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10 thoughts on “About J

  1. Kerri Daniel says:

    I’m trying to contact Muhammad Jawaid Shamshad about doing some website programing work for us.
    Can you contact me to confirm if this is you. Thanks.


  2. Mark Caron says:

    I was wondering if you were able to get your X-SendFile ISAPI filter working on IIS? If so, is it available for download and does it work with IIS 6? Thank you.


    • Muhammad Jawaid Shamshad says:

      Yes, it is working and compatible with IIS6 and IIS7 both. I developed this for one of my client and it is his property. If desired I can provide you my client details and you can get license from him.



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