Add Manufacturers in carousel box in OpenCart

The default installation of OpenCart has the brands/manufacturers displayed in a carousel at the bottom of the home page. Updating the manufacturers in Admin->Catalog->Manufacturers will not affect that. If you want to change this you’ll need to update the manufacturers’ banner.

To update the banner go to Admin->Setting->Layout->Banner. Here you can update the Manufacturer banner to display the manufacturers you want.

Some people don’t know this and try to play with Carousel module or Manufacturers in Catalog, but they have to update the banners in system layout.

12 thoughts on “Add Manufacturers in carousel box in OpenCart

  1. S P says:

    Thanks very much for this support.

    now i can understand how we can enable brands on home page, before read this guide i feel that brands will automatically insert there. but I am wrong, now my site is ok with your suppurt

    thanks again
    S Patel


  2. Paul says:

    Once thing with OpenCart is the complete lack of intuitive workflow – thanks for your short description – banner up and running too :)


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